General service

We deliver flexible and innovativ solutions for successful testing

Being a total service provider, we take care of every little detail. We book accommodation, catering and food box delivery, or leisure activities for your free time – no task is too large or too small.

General service

Customer care is part of our DNA. All of our customers are international and stay with us for long periods of time, making Arctic Falls a second home of sorts. In addition to operating the facility and keeping it in top shape, we can offer services such as tyre changing and test drivers, and all other services you may need to make your stay in Älvsbyn and Piteå as comfortable as possible. We provide flexible, innovative solutions to create successful testing conditions.

A good night’s sleep.

All of our facilities are within 100 km of a majestic nature reserve. This is also the location of the Storforsen hotel, where we offer special accommodation deals, both long and short term. Here, you will find rooms, a restaurant, an inviting lobby and conference rooms, making it an optimal place to stay during your time with us. Additionally, we collaborate with several hotels in both Älvsbyn and Piteå, meaning that you will always have a good night’s sleep after a long day in the field.

If you have any spare time during your stay, we are happy to help organise activities suitable for groups both small and large. We can of course offer warm clothes as well, if you need something to counter the winter cold.

Experience the Arctic Circle

In northern Sweden, there is a lot to explore when you need a day off to recharge. How about a dog sledding tour, a guided tour of the Icehotel, or an overnight stay in a treehouse? There is also the large, annual market in the neighbouring municipality of Jokkmokk, held every year in February and well worth a visit. The Arctic Circle region offers plenty of activities, to please your taste buds and get your adrenaline pumping.

Northern lights

The northern lights are an experience second to none. Come with us on an evening hunt for the unique polar lights, colouring the skies green, blue or red. Cold, clear winter nights offer the best chances to catch this wondrous natural phenomenon.

Snowmobile tour

Experience the power and the speed. On a snowmobile you can go on a journey of discovery, far into the untouched wilderness. We can help you organise a snowmobile tour, for everything from an hour to a full day.

City tour

Our proving grounds in Älvsbyn are just an hour away by car from the main city of Norrbotten County, Luleå. Luleå offers a city pulse, a wide range of cultural and sporting events. The city is brimming with great restaurants and is perfect for those of you wishing to get a better look at Norrbotten, for an evening or for a full day.

Get in touch

At Arctic Falls, we want our customers to be able to focus on what’s important. Being a total service company, we value personal relationships and offer a high level of adaptability. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions before, during or after your visit to Arctic Falls – regardless of whether your questions concern our facilities, how to get to Älvsbyn, how we handle confidential information, or what to wear in the winter cold.

Please contact us for more information: +46 929-47 47 00