The story

In the northern part of Sweden, next to the Arctic Circle, Arctic Falls offers tough conditions for testing of vehicles, components and tyres. Arctic Falls opened the first permanent proving ground for winter testing in Sweden and we have more than 30 years of experience in testing.

We have eight permanent facilities, six land-based outdoor and two indoor where we offer winter season opportunities for various kinds of tests.

We offer the vehicle and vehicle components industry the best possible testing conditions, primarily for testing products in a cold climate at a high technical standard and to high service, security and environmental standards. We put efficiency, confidentiality, safety and service foremost and we are always striving for increased efficiency and a constantly high service level to ensure satisfied customers.

We offer proving grounds and service for tests and development of vehicles, tyres and systems for the future. Our services include:

  • Prepared tracks for different testing purposes, such as tyre testing
  • Workshops, purpose-designed premises and services in line with customer requirements
  • Long-term testing by our qualified test drivers
  • Cold chambers to soak vehicles to controlled temperatures down to – 40 degrees Celsius

This is Arctic Falls Proving Grounds

Our proving grounds are in the municipality of Älvsbyn, and the area surrounding the testing facilities is sparsely populated, with vast forested wilderness. Our customer can here test their vehicles, components or tyres in calm and seclusion. Älvsbyn is a community of 8,100 inhabitants and there is a full range of services including shops, banks, restaurants, hotels and a train station. If you want to visit the expansive coastal region, the town of Luleå is about an hour from Älvsbyn.

Also within an hour of our proving grounds, you have airports in both Arvidsjaur and Luleå, with several daily flight to Stockholm, as well as direct air connections with Germany to and from Arvidsjaur.

Just outside Luleå we find Sunderby sjukhus, which is the county hospital of Norrbotten. There are fire and rescue services 10 minutes from our proving grounds and an ambulance based in Älvsbyn can reach our proving grounds within 10-30 minutes. There is a wide selection of public roads with tarmac or gravel with low traffic intensity in the area surrounding Arctic Falls. This makes the area ideally suited for durability tests. Just ask us for an offer.

Environmental policy
ARCTIC FALLS AB shall through active, constant environmental work minimize the environmental impact of its operations by successively improving and developing its proving facilities and the services offered, by economizing on all forms of energy and natural resources, complying with environmental legislation and other requirements and maintaining preparedness for emergency situations.

We achieve this by:

• Identifying our environmental situation and understanding our impact.
• Constantly evaluating the environmental burden and setting new improvement goals.
• Showing consideration to the environment when developing proving facilities and test methods.
• Complying in our operations with all applicable environmental laws and other requirements concerning the environment.
• Maintaining preparedness for emergency situations.
• Having work methods for monitoring our environmental situation.
• Spreading awareness of our environmental policy among our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.