Contracted proving grounds – optimized for tyre testing

Our contracted proving grounds in Vidsel, Flurheden and Nattberg are specially designed upon request from our customers. The facilities offer a wide variety of tracks and features. We have more than 35 years of experience in developing tailormade tracks for international tyre manufacturers.

Three of our testing facilities were built under contract with some of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. We own the facilities and ensure that they are kept in top shape all year round. There are many benefits to long term hire of your own testing facility – not least the ability to adapt every little detail. Our extensive experience has taught us that perfect attention to detail is required for our customers to get the most out of a winter season full of tyre testing.

Each of the facilities has a dedicated team of staff. In summer and winter alike, they work to meet your needs in the best possible ways. They also know every curve of every track just as well as your test drivers. You will receive personalised service, making it easy to communicate if you need anything changed or adapted during your visit.

Are you interested in a contract for your very own facility? Please contact us, and we will look at solutions together. With your own facility, you will not need to transport equipment back and forth for every season – this in turn offers a sustainable alternative to weekly or monthly hire. It also guarantees the highest possible level of confidentiality, as you will be the only ones with access to the facility, even in summer. Ahead of the upcoming season, we work intensely with maintenance and investments, to ensure the best testing conditions possible once the winter cold arrives.

Nattberg proving ground

Efficient proving ground for tyre testing.

Flurheden proving ground

Our newest proving ground, built for tyre testing during winter and summer.

Vidsel proving ground

Our first contracted proving ground

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At Arctic Falls, we want our customers to be able to focus on what’s important. Being a total service company, we value personal relationships and offer a high level of adaptability. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions before, during or after your visit to Arctic Falls – regardless of whether your questions concern our facilities, how to get to Älvsbyn, how we handle confidential information, or what to wear in the winter cold.

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