Would you like to experience a job rich in variety in our day-to-day operations? When we ask our employees what they like about working with us, the variety and the building of relationships with customers are the two things they point to most often. Since we are a service company, our staff is also our most valuable asset.

Vi växer och kommer behöva fler medarbetare

Vi växer och kommer behöva fler medarbetare, lämna gärna din intresseanmälan redan nu.


Even though most of our facilities are found way out into the woods, they are exciting locations, full of life and advanced technology.

During our high season, from November to March, you will have plenty of opportunities to brush up on your English, and maybe even German, Italian, French or Japanese. Naturally, you don’t have to be a language genius to work with us, but having a working knowledge of English helps with international communication. At Arctic Falls, we are more interested in what drives and motivates you, than what is currently on your CV. We believe that strength comes from inside, and we are therefore happy to invest in people who are looking to develop.

At Arctic Falls, we have 28 full-time, year-round employees. During the high season, this number grows to 60 people. Additionally, we work with a group of professional partners and suppliers, who constantly help us develop and improve.

Ulrika Lundgren, vehicle operator

From cleaner to vehicle operator. Ulrika Lundgren began her career with Arctic Falls cleaning facilities and handling catering for one of the tyre facilities hired under contract. Arctic Falls saw great potential in Ulrika,  who did not hesitate to seize the opportunity to drive wheel loaders and snow spreaders, when it was offered to her.

 “My job is incredibly rich in variety. One day I could be preparing tracks in one location, and the next day, I might be responsible for maintenance of other facilities with entirely different conditions. Something new happens all the time, and we’re a good, dependable group with a strong sense of community. When I look back at my career, I could never have dreamed that I would one day be driving a tractor at a testing facility. The great thing about Arctic Falls is that there’s always room to develop.”

Mats Malmqvist, Operating Area Manager "North"

Mats Malmqvist, a highly experienced employee, has worked at Arctic Falls from the very beginning. Since 1987, he has watched an entirely new type of company grow – a company now focused on delivering a total set of services and building close relationships with customers. This journey of development appealed to Mats, and led him to stay.

“The best part of my job is meeting so many new people. No two days are alike, and I enjoy that. Many of our customers also appreciate the fact that I speak German, it helps us build an even closer relationship. When I look back at my years in the company, I am proud of many things, but first and foremost of the fact that we have built a permanent proving ground here at Vitberget, that we continue to develop. Arctic Falls has an inviting culture that leads to us improving our facilities step by step, together. I feel that everyone is comfortable with speaking their mind, and that our voices are heard.”

Johnny Lindström, facility manager, Vitberget

Back in the 90’s, Johnny worked with Arctic Falls as a test driver for Saab. Today, he is the facility manager at Vitberget and handles everything from track preparation to workshop service. Every now and then, Johnny goes ice fishing with clients – one of his main hobbies.

”When I get to work in the morning, I never know what my day is going to look like. I may be tasked with towing cars, fixing a car lift, or collecting equipment. Our group is very solution oriented, and I enjoy meeting clients every day. We meet people from many different cultural backgrounds, and every now and then you get to experience interesting culture shocks. Taking clients fishing is a very rewarding activity, and it is fun to see that something as simple as drilling a hole in the ice can be very exotic to people from elsewhere in the world.

Stefan Isaksson, Operating Area Manager "south"

In his role as site manager for the Flurheden tyre testing facility, Stefan Isaksson is an important piece of the puzzle that makes up our customer experience. In recent years, Arctic Falls has invested heavily in the facility, and Stefan has been involved in most projects.

“When I started here in 2005, we were primarily making test tracks on lake ice. Today, working here involves providing our customers everything they need. Since 2017, enormous investments have been made in the Flurheden facility, which has led to new working procedures for us, and that is something I find very exciting. We have, for example, added a garage and two new tracks. Looking back at my years with Arctic Falls, what I think most about is how we built the company that exists today. Things have absolutely exploded, and I so enjoy being a part of that journey. We often share experiences and resources between facilities, through events such as regular supervisor meetings. I have truly had the opportunity to grow, and I love the ever changing work, the pulse, and my colleagues.”

Christer Lundström, IT Manager

Christer Lundström is Arctic Falls’ go-to guy for IT services. Christer has been a supplier for Arctic Falls for many years, and has been part of the team ensuring that all facilities have access to dependable IT infrastructure.

”In my role as a supplier for Arctic Falls, I feel that great trust is put in me to do what is needed to ensure that technical aspects of the facilities work as well as possible. Having worked with Arctic Falls for a number of years, I am happy to feel that they trust my judgment. The technology also allows for centralised control – I can control all systems and networks using my computer, wherever I am.”

Markus Samuelsson, Site Manager Indoor ONE & Flex

At our Indoor operations, near the Lindbäck Stadium outside Piteå, the high season lasts all year – even through the summer months, when there is no snow to be found outside. With a background in vehicle systems technology, Markus Samuelsson saw Arctic Falls as an interesting potential employer, and chose to submit a spontaneous application. His decision yielded quick results.

”Here, a lot of exciting things happen, all year round. We have a high degree of occupancy, especially during the high season, from March to November. That requires those of us who work here to provide excellent conditions and keep the facility in top shape. Many customers are returning ones, and their input on the facility is valuable to us, and helps us develop and deliver even better track quality. A large part of my role as site manager is to find quick and flexible solutions, which means that I have a job very rich in variety.”