Vitberget features

Vitberget proving ground offers a fuel station, a fast charging area for electric vehicles, an inspection ramp, cold chambers, wifi at all tracks, transport trailers, snow intrusion tests, drivers and mechanics. Need anything else? Get in touch!

Charging area for electric vehicles

In the workshops, there are several different sockets. At our changing area, you will find:
- 50 kw CHAdeMO
- CCS 2
- 50 kw 900VDC CCS2,
- 175 kw CCS2 and
- 175 kw CHAdeMO

Cold Chambers

Usable all year round

Vitberget proving grounds are equipped with 36 cold chambers which allows you to lower the temperature of the vehicles. The cold chamber supports repeatable tests down to -40 degrees Celsius. We have cold chambers in size up to 4 x 8,8m to fit vehicle size up to VAN.
Our permanent cooling chambers are equipped with remote thermometers. This enables an overview of the test temperatures from your computers without the need to be on site

Petrol station

On site, you are able to fill the cars with 95 and 98 octane and Arctic diesel. If you need any special fuel, please send your request in time.

Car Wash

To clean your car, it is a special area with equipment needed for a clean car.

Inspection ramp

Loading ramps for loading and unloading or inspections underneath the car.