With world-class testing conditions, we help our clients take the next step towards the tyre and vehicle industry of tomorrow. A large part of said future is both electrified and automotive. In order to meet the growing demand from our customers, we have invested in EV chargers at all our facilities. Naturally, we are also optimising our own operations, for instance by only purchasing green electricity, and driving vehicles which meet EU environmental classifications.

Sustainability report (En)

Sustainability report (Sv)


How we work with sustainability

Our facilities – our Indoor facilities in particular – use a lot of energy. It is therefore natural to us to base our operations on green energy. We have a contract with Sweden’s leading electricity provider, which certifies that all of the electricity that powers our facilities comes from renewable sources, today, and for many years to come.

At all our facilities, we have fast chargers for electric vehicles. We are also upgrading our own vehicle fleet, with the goal of being fully fossil free by 2030. Our entire fleet of heavy vehicles, including wheel loaders and snow spreaders, meets the environmental classifications Euro 5 or Euro 6.

At Arctic Falls, the idea of sustainability includes being an attractive employer. Our staff, and their engagement in meeting customer needs, is one of our most important assets. This is why we offer a wide range of opportunities for development, experience exchange and staff meetings, that all help create a good work environment. We have an open culture, built on trust, confidence, and everyone’s ability to influence their own work. Read more about what our employees have to say about us!

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Electric vehicle charger

At all our facilities there is charging possibilities for electric vehicles.
This is one of the chargers used at our facilities 


CCS 2 (Kombo 2) 50 kW DC                     150-500 V up to 125 A

CHAdeMO 50 kW DC                                 150-500 V  up to 125 A

Type 2 AC 43 kW                                          400 V                    60 A