Our facilities are specially planned and built for testing vehicles, components and tyres.

All parts of the proving ground are close to workshops. A very large proportion of our tracks are land-based, allowing a 50% longer season. They are of a high standard, giving good repeatability. In our opinion, most things are possible, and we work to maintain the highest possible service level, so that the customer’s stay is as cost-effective as possible.


Our personnel are used to work with customers that have stringent confidentiality requirements.

All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Our facility at Vitberget is land-based, fenced off and shielded from outside view. To enter the proving ground requires passing through two gates. The fenced zone is regularly patrolled, and cameras are forbidden. All visitors are required to register, and to sign a confidentiality agreement before entering

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Our facilities are planned so that testing can be carried out with the maximum of safety.

Our personell have competence in first aid and fire fighting and before testing begins, there is always a run-through of safety regulations and the rules that apply at the proving ground. Fencing prevents both wildlife and unauthorised persons from entering the proving area. The tracks require a remote control for entry and are one-way to ensure that there are not several


Our service-mindedness and our ability to quickly solve most problems are today bywords in the industry.

As a customer, you can be sure that you are warmly welcome and that we will do our utmost for your stay to be as cost-effective and easy as possible. Our approach is that most things are possible, and we like a challenge. So whatever problem you may have, ask us.