Our core values

Efficiency, confidentiality, safety and service is what characterizes Arctic Falls.


Our facilities are specially designed and built for testing vehicles, components and tyres. All parts of the proving grounds are close to workshops and cold chambers to cool the cars down to -40 degrees Celsius. Our tracks are land-based which allows for a long season. Early in November, we start preparing the tracks with artificial snow to make sure the base layer is stable and secure.


Confidentiality is one of our core values. We have extensive experience working with customers whose operations are subject to strict confidentiality requirements, and all of our facilities are well suited to our customers’ needs. All of our staff, including our suppliers, have signed confidentiality agreements. When visiting us, you can be sure that no important information will get into the wrong hands.


Our facilities are designed so that testing can be carried out with the maximum of safety. All our staff and partners have competence in first aid and firefighting. Before testing begins, there is a run-through of safety regulations and rules that apply at the proving ground. Fencing prevents wildlife and unauthorized people from entering the proving area. The tracks require a remote control for entry and are only in a one-way direction.


As a customer at Arctic Falls, you can be sure that you are warmly welcome. We will always do our best to make your stay as safe and smooth as possible. Our approach is that most problems can be solved, no matter what. We love challenges.