Our personnel are used to work with customers that have stringent confidentiality requirements.

All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Our facility at Vitberget is land-based, fenced off and shielded from outside view. To enter the proving ground requires passing through two gates. The fenced zone is regularly patrolled, and cameras are forbidden. All visitors are required to register, and to sign a confidentiality agreement before entering.

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Workshops and tracks

Workshops and tracks for your needs at Vitberget Proving Ground.

We offer workshops and land based tracks for your needs, you can choose between 5 different workshops from 100-615 square meters.

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Cold chambers

The way of doing controlled temperature tests.

Our proving ground is equipped with 36 cold chambers that allows you to lower the temperature of the vehicles in a controlled manner. The cold chamber supports repeatable tests down to -40 C. There are two sizes of the cold chambers, 6x3m and 7x3,5m. All our permanent cooling chambers are all equipped with remote thermometers.

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The proving ground that meet your requirements.

For efficient vehicle and vehicle systems winter testing with highest confidentiality.

Since the proving ground is land-based, winter test can be performed from early November to end of March. Daily or weekly bookings can be made or separate agreements for long-term use.

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Contact us

Our availability is your asset.

If you don't find the specific information you want from our web pages you can send an e-mail to We're here to help you regardless of what your question might be. If you have urgent matters, please locate the person you want to contact and give him or her a call.

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