Indoor One

6 000 m2 of snow & ice

Indoor One is a straight area mainly built for objective tests on snow and ice surface. The test area comprises a total of 400 m x 15 m sectioned into 290 m of snow, 10 m of asphalt and 100 m of ice. Snow and ice surfaces are separated to minimize the influence of snow on the ice track. The ice section can be used…

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Indoor Flex

10 000 m2 of snow

Our newest indoor facility, built in direct connection with Indoor One. “Indoor Flex” is a 10 000 m2 large snow area on which different track layouts can be used at the same time. The layout can also be adjusted based on customer requests. In the building there is a cold chamber that can…

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Arctic Falls new facility gets international award

Arctic Falls new Indoor testing facility in Piteå receives the prestigious international award ”Proving Ground of the Year” by the reputable British magazine ”Automotive Testing Technology International”.

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Indoor testing facility analysis

Read a summary of the Indoor Testing Facility analysis.

"Arctic Falls Indoor tracks offer various test possibilities in the Active Safety Systems domain. The tests diversity is multiple, many other systems based on active braking could be performed indoor as well, on ice and snow."

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At your service

Customer care is something that we at Arctic Falls takes seriously.

As services we provide tyre fitters, studding, running-in and stud protrusion measurement. We also provide the proper vehicle for your specific tests.

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Wet and dry asphalt in cool climate

Need to test your tyres on wet or dry asphalt?

From May to October Arctic Falls offers tests on wet and dry asphalt, in combination we can also offer in-door tests in ice hall arenas. Through over run we offer road wear test.

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Our availability is your asset.

If you don't find the specific information you want from our web pages you can send an e-mail to We're here to help you regardless of what your question might be. If you have urgent matters, please locate the person you want to contact and give him or her a call.

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