Feel the cold.

In the northern part of Sweden, next to the Arctic Circle, Arctic Falls offers tough conditions for testing of vehicles, components and tyres.

With six permanent facilities, five land-based outdoor and one indoor, we offer up to fifty percent longer winter season and  opportunities for various kinds of tests throughout the year.

World class proving grounds

We offer proving grounds and service for tests and development of vehicles, tyres and systems for the future.

Arctic Falls gives the customers perfect test conditions and a fifty percent longer winter season through having most of the test tracks on land. Arctic Falls has six winter test proving grounds, one indoor facility, one for vehicle and vehicle systems and four for testing winter tyres. We place the highest emphasis on good service as well as on safety, confidentiality

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The story

Arctic Falls, the first permanent proving ground for winter testing in Sweden.

Arctic Falls offers the vehicle and vehicle components industry the best possible testing conditions, primarily for testing products in a cold climate at a high technical standard and to high service, security and environmental standards.

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Winter all year round

Indoor One and Indoor Flex testing facilities

Both facilities offer endless possibilities of vehicle and tyre testing in Swedish winter conditions all year round.

The two indoor winter testing facilities offer a total of 16 000 m2 of snow and ice surfaces in a controlled climate.

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Our core values

Arctic Falls puts efficiency, confidentiality, safety and service foremost.

We are always striving for increased efficiency and a constantly high service level to ensure satisfied customers. In our opinion, most things are possible, and we work to maintain the highest possible service level, so that the customer’s stay is as cost-effective as possible.

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Got spare time?

We can provide many opportunities for spare time leisure.

Winter time in our region gives you the best of all that the Arctic Circle can offer. Want to see the Northern Lights, explore the arctic nature from a dogslead or try a snowmobile? Together with our selected partners we find guided tours of your wishes.

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