Plantskolan proving ground

Tyre testing and events on a land-based track

Our proving ground Plantskolan in Vidsel has everything you need for a successful tyre test project or event – even for heavy vehicles. Tests can normally be performed from mid/end of November to the end of March. To guarantee an early start of the season, we produce artificial snow as base layer on the tracks. Watch our video about tyre testing at Plantskolan.


Designed for tyre tests and events

Plantskolan Proving Ground is a fenced-off area specially prepared for tyre testing and events. The workshop is equipped with two lifts, tyre fitting and balancing machine. We also provide equipment for changing TBR tyres. From the office, you have full control over weather monitors showing current outdoor temperature, wind speed and wind direction. It also shows the exact temperature of the test track surfaces.

Since all tracks at Plantskolan are land-based, it is suitable even for heavy vehicles. All tracks are located close to the workshop. For an early start of the season, we produce artificial snow as base layer on the tracks. In early 2022, we will be opening a new facility, specially designed for holding presentations and training courses, suitable for events and product unveilings. From there, all participants will have a view of the testing tracks, surrounded by a glistening, snow-covered landscape. Plantskolan is available to book per day, week or month.


Workshops & Tracks

The workshop at Plantskolan has one low lift and one 2-pillar lift. From the office, you have a view of the workshop and the tracks.

View proving ground

Your choice for TBR tyre testing

Plantskolan proving ground is suitable for testing of TBR tyres since there are no weight limits on land-based tracks. Within the area, we offer a well-equipped workshop right next to the track.


Plantskolan features

Electric vehicle charging

Outlets for 16A and 32 A in the workshop 63A out door 22 kW AC charger type 2

Calibrated vehicle scales

Wireless vehicle scales with a total capacity of 3250 kg 815 kg /plate

Space for events

Space for events and launching of new products – with a great view of the tracks.

Ballast load

Sand bags to calibrate the weight of the car

Loading ramp

Truck tyre testing

For testing of TBR tyres, we provide our new DAF LF210 which is equipped with measurement equipment for both indoor and outdoor tyre testing. The truck fits tyres sized 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5”.

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