Indoor ONE proving ground

Snow and ice surfaces in a controlled climate indoors make the best repetitive conditions for the vehicle and tyre industry. Tests can be performed with vehicles ranging in size from cars to full size trucks. Indoor ONE offers 400 meters of unique experience. Watch our video about the Indoor ONE testing facility.

Indoor ONE

Indoor ONE consists of a straight track, 400 by 15 metres, optimised for objective testing for the tyre industry. The track is divided into 290 metres of snow, 10 metres of asphalt and 100 metres of ice. Snow and ice surfaces are separated by asphalt in order to minimise the impact of snow on the ice track. Air and surface temperatures can be adjusted between -3 and -8 degrees Celsius. The ice track is resurfaced with an ice resurfacer to provide the best possible surface, even black ice condition is feasebal. The snow track consists of packed artificial snow. The air inside the facility can be regulated with respect to humidity, temperature and oxygenation, which creates optimal conditions for repetitive tyre testing. 

Tests can be performed with vehicles ranging in size from cars to full size trucks. Both of our Indoor facilities have electric connections for the charging of electric vehicles. We offer exclusive use for each customer which means there will only be one customer in each facility at a time.

Full service facilities

You can book our entire Indoor facilities either for days or weeks at a time. During your visit, we will provide you with anything you may need. Our staff will shift, mount and stud tyres, and provide tyre testing. For tyre testing, we use whatever system our client requests – often their own – for data storage. This is an efficient way for customers to carry out objective tyre testing (non-certification testing) without being physically present.

The facility provides office space and a kitchen in close proximity to the workshop. The office has 4 workstations, and the kitchen is equipped for up to 8 people. If required, we provide a wide range of rental cars for tyre testing. Onsite, we have a vehicle scale and sandbags to balance the test cars.


Indoor ONE

Tyre preparation rooms

Tyre preparation rooms with a tyre wash and fitting machine.

Truck tyre testing

For testing of TBR tyres, we provide our DAF LF210 which is equipped with measurement equipment for both indoor and outdoor tyre testing. The truck fits tyres sized 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5”.

Calibrated vehicle scale

Calibrated vehicle scale.

V-box and correvit (calibrated)

Equipment as V-box and correvit (calibrated).

Ballast load

Sand bags to calibrate the weight of the car

Workshops and tracks at Indoor ONE

Indoor ONE is a straight track totalling 400 meters, mainly built for objective tyre tests. Tests can be performed with vehicles ranging in size from passenger cars to full size trucks.

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