No matter the time or the weather. With five land-based outdoor facilities and two indoors, Arctic Falls offers the best winter conditions.


Plantskolan proving ground

Tyre testing and events on a land-based track. The Plantskolan proving ground is an efficient, fully land based facility, offering a long and stable season, from mid-November until the end of March.

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Vitberget proving ground

Vitberget proving ground offers 5 workshops including offices with sizes ranging from 100 to 1100 square meters. There is a wide range of land-based tracks, including a circular course with a 1000 metre diameter which can be used all year round.

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Indoor ONE

Indoor ONE is a straight area mainly built for objective tests on snow and ice surfaces. The test area comprises a total of 400 m x 15 m sectioned into 290 m of snow, 10 m of asphalt and 100 m of ice.

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Indoor Flex

Indoor Flex is a 10 000 m² snow area on which different track layouts can be used at the same time. The layout can also be adjusted based on customer requests.

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Contracted proving grounds

Our contracted sites are optimized for tyre testing.

Vidsel, Flurheden and Nattberg proving ground are our contracted sites designed by customers for tyre testing. The facilities offer a wide variety of tracks and features.

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