Indoor testing facility analysis

Indoor Testing Facility Analysis

“Arctic Falls Indoor tracks offer various test possibilities in the Active Safety Systems domain. 
The tests diversity is multiple, one can evalutate the grip available on ice and snow, and define the saftety frame for dynamic tests.”
– Arjeplog Test Management Engineering Service / Frédéric Potdevin

Beside the tyre development and testing, Arctic Falls Indoor tracks offer other various test possibilities in the Active Safety Systems domain. The facility is about 400 meter long by 15 meter width and shared in the length with approximately 100 meter of ice and 300 meter of snow. The friction of the ice and snow can be modified as the temperature above and beneath surfaces can be adjusted.

Test on polished ice

With a grip of 0.2, the 100 meter long ice surface allows ABS braking up to 40kph with stud less tyres mounted. Same speed can be achieved through acceleration test (Traction Control System) from standstill start with the same friction level.

Test on snow

On snow, the 290 meter long surface allowed for the ABS braking and TCS acceleration a speed up to 80 – 85 kph with a grip of 0,4. On this surface, regarding dynamics tests, the frame of maneuvers is extended to slaloms and light lane changes. With an ideal 15 meter between cones, a speed of 35 to 40kph can be reached within the slalom; giving the opportunity to check the under steering or over steering of the Vehicle Dynamic Control system of the car. The speed achieved in the slalom could be then rised by increasing the distance between cones.

See below some example of slalom and light lane changes configuration with recommended speed.



Test of driver assist systems

On the side of the dynamic testing, additional systems can be developed and validated in the indoor facility such “Driver Assistance systems” based on intelligent sensor technology. The predictive emergency braking system, the Adaptive Cruise Control, the City Park Assistance system or even the Autonomous driving functions have definitely their place in the facility.



Active braking tests

Other tests that didn’t requier dynamic tests from ATMAB are also possible to perform in the arena. They are based on active braking. See below an example of different Bosch systems that could be tested also indoor.

Bosch Function Line Function name
Brake & Boost Assist BDW Brake Disc Wiping
HBA Hydraulik Brake Assist
HBB Hydraulic Brake Boost
HBC Hydraulic Boost Failure Compensation
HFC Hydraulik Fading Compensation
HRB Hydraulic Rear wheel Boost

Surround Sensing Support ABA Adaptive Brake Assist
ABP Automatic Brake Prefill
AWB Automatic Warning Brake
AEB Automatic Emergency Brake
CCB Cruise Control with Brake Intervention
CCL Cruise Control Speed Limiter
CDD-B ControlledDecelerationforDAS-Basic
CDD-S ControlledDecelerationforDAS-Stop&Go
VLC-BB Vehicle Longitudinal Control – Engine&Brake
VLC-BS Vehicle Longitudinal Control – Engine&Brake Stop&Go
Automatic Park Assist / city park