Indoor flex proving ground


Our newest indoor facility, built in direct connection with Indoor 1. “Indoor Flex” is a 10 000 m2 large snow area on which different track layouts can be used at the same time. The layout can also be adjusted based on customer requests.

In the building there is a cold chamber that can fit 3 vehicles and lower their temperature down to -30 degrees. You can drive directly from the cold chamber to the track area.

Special arrangements such as NVH tracks can also be installed.

Testing conditions
Air and track temperature can be adjusted between -3 to -12 degrees. In addition to the cold testing areas there are cold chambers to cool down vehicles and equipment down to -30 degrees. There is a ventilation system with air quality and humidity control. Both facilities have electric connections for charging of electric vehicles. We offer exclusive use for each customer which means there will only be one customer in each the facility at a time.


Full service facilities
Both indoor facilities have offices, a kitchen, workshops, tyre preparation rooms with a tyre wash and fitting machines in direct connection with the track area.

For testing of TBR tyres we provide our new DAF LF45 which is equipped with measurement equipment for both indoor and outdoor tyre testing. The truck fits tyres sized 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5”.

We can also provide a wide range of rental cars for tyre testing. Onsite we have vehicle scale and sand bags to balance the test cars.