Vitberget proving ground

Vitberget proving ground is our facility for the test of vehicles and vehicle components.

To protect our customers' trade secrets the 200- hectare site is fenced and protected from outside view, which also prevents elk and reindeer from entering the tracks. Here are five workshops that are provided with alarms. The workshops are designed for different group sizes and are well equipped with adjoining offices and canteens.

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Indoor One & Indoor Flex testing facilities

Swedish winter conditions all year around.

The two indoor winter testing facilities offer a total of 16 000 m2 of snow and ice surfaces in a controlled climate all year round. ”Indoor One”, the first facility, opened in March 2016 and the second one, ”Indoor Flex” opened in June 2018.

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Our personnel are used to work with customers that have stringent confidentiality requirements.

All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Our facility at Vitberget is land-based, fenced off and shielded from outside view. To enter the proving ground requires passing through two gates. The fenced zone is regularly patrolled, and cameras are forbidden. All visitors are required to register, and to sign a confidentiality agreement before entering.

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Cold chambers

The way of doing controlled temperature tests.

Our proving ground is equipped with 36 cold chambers that allows you to lower the temperature of the vehicles in a controlled manner. The cold chamber supports repeatable tests down to -40 o C. There are two sizes of the cold chambers, 6x3m and 7x3,5m. All our permanent cooling chambers are all equipped with remote thermometers.

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Snow intrusion test

The car is driven on a snowy track behind a large trailer, creating a thick mist of snow dust, similar of that behind a semi truck on a typical winter road.

Every 20-30 minutes the snow buildup on the car is examined. Typical problem areas are engine bay, rear window and brakes.

Durability test

Over the years we have seen an increase in demand for on-site assistance when it comes to performing durability

It can often be more convenient to assign a complete test to Arctic Falls. The durability test can be performed on routes which include a variety of roads such as highways, urban, snow-covered gravel roads or city traffic to name a few. The durability tests can be performed in both summer and winter. Durability tests can also be combined with other special tests.

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