Wet and dry asphalt in cool climate

During the summer months, May to October, we offers tests on wet and dry asphalt, in combination we can also offer indoor tests in our brand new indoor facility as well as in ice hall arenas. This enables the customers who so wish to carry out more tests during their visit and therewith improve their testing efficiency. Doing as many tests as possible in the same place and at the same time simplifies things and makes testing more efficient.

We allow the use of studded tyres, which are banned in most places. A cooler climate is naturally also advantageous for testing studless tyres. It is not unusual for night temperatures to drop down to freezing up to mid June and our average daily temperature is much lower than in Italy or Spain, for instance.

Possible tests:
• Subjective dry handling test
• Wet braking test
• Wet circle test
• Dry braking test
• Wet handling test