Plantskolan proving ground

Everytning you need for a succesfull tyre test project or event. Even for heavy vehicles. At Plantskolan proving ground, tests can normally be performed from early November to the end of March, providing tyre manufactures with opportunities to test their products early in the season.

Watch our film about tyre testing at Plantskolan.

1 Workshop

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Garage area: 160 m2
Cold storage: 200 m2
Lifts: 3
Offices: 2
Workstations in offices: 10 pax
Internet connection: Optic fibre.

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2 Ice and snow circle

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Ice and snow circle

Ice circle: inner radius 25 m and width 10 m

Snow circle: inner radius 35 m and width 10 m

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3 Snow handling track

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Snow handling track

2 compressed snow handling tracks: 5 x 1,145 m

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4 Flat snow track

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Flat snow track

2 compressed snow tracks: 20 x 440 m

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5 Ice handling track

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Ice handling track

4 m wide and 740 m long

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6 Flat ice track

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Flat ice track

180 m long and 20 m wide

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7 Stop and go hill tracks

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Stop and go hill tracks

Two stop and go hill tracks with different gradients

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Can it be more efficient?

Everytning you need for a succesfull tyre test project or event. Even for heavy vehicles.

A compact proving ground that has all you need for testing tyres. Workshop/office is located close to the tracks. The hotel is only 5 minutes away

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Your choice for TBR tyre testing

Plantskolan proving ground is suitable for testing of TBR tyres.

No weight limits on the land based track. A workshop that fits the trucks and basic equipment for changing the wheels on heavy vehicles.

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