Lillkorsträsk proving ground

Lillkorsträsk proving ground covers large areas on lakes and solid ground specially prepared for tyre testing.The proving ground has most of the commonly used tracks for tyre testing, and special tracks can be made when requested. All tracks are located close to the workshop.

1 Workshop 1

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Workshop 1

Garage area: 150 sq. m.
Cold storage: 150 sq. m.
Lifts: 3
Offices: 4
Workstations in offices: 10
Internet connection: Optic fibre.

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2 Tracks on land

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Tracks on land

2 snow handling tracks on solid ground: 5 x 1100 metres

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3 Tracks on lake

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Tracks on lake

Flat Ice: 30 x 300 m
Ice handling: 700 metres
Ice circle: Radius 30 metres
Snow circle: Radius 30 metres
8 flat snow tracks: 20 x 900m
Other tracks on request

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4 Hill tracks

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Hill tracks

Hilltrack 1: 5 x 1000 m serpentine road with a gradient between 4-14 %

Hilltrack 2: 5 x 2270 m uphill road with average gradient of 10 %.

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Lillkorsträsk proving ground

A land and lake based facility with many possibilities

Lillkorsträsk Proving Ground covers large areas on lakes and solid ground specially prepared for tyre testing. The workshop is equipped with 3 lifts, tyre fitting and balancing machines, and has a cold store in direct connection. The offices have broadband internet connections, telephones, a lunch room etc. The proving ground has most of the commonly-used tracks for

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