New indoor testing facility

Indoor testing facility offering Swedish winter conditions all year round.

New indoor testing facility

Winter testing all year round at Arctic Falls new indoor testing facility.

The newly constructed facility opened in March 2016 and offers snow and ice surfaces in controlled climate all year round.

The hall is 400 m long, 15 m wide and has an indoor height of 4.5 meters which also allows tests with heavy trucks. It is prepared with 15 x 100 m of polished ice (can be rough too if needed), 15 x 10 m of dry asphalt and 15 x 290 m with compressed snow. There are turning points for big vehicles at each end.

The facility is constructed to be able to adjust the temperature between -3 to -12 degrees’ surface and air temp. There is a ventilation system with Nox / Co2 control and humidity control.

From May to October Arctic Falls also offers tests on wet and dry asphalt, why not combine it with indoor test on ice and snow?

Send an e-mail to for booking form and more information.

We offer the facility for daily or weekly bookings.
We recommend booking as early as possible to be sure of a place.