Your all year round test partner

Arctic Falls offers the vehicle and vehicle components industry the best possible testing conditions, primarily for testing products in a cold climate at a high technical standard. Rent for a week or sign a long term contract.

We put efficiency, confidentiality, safety and service foremost and we are always striving for increased efficiency and a constantly high service level to ensure satisfied customers.

Indoor Testing Facility

Swedish winter conditions all year around.

The hall is 400 m long, 15 m wide and has an indoor height of 4.5 meters which will allow tests also with heavy trucks. It is prepared with 15 x 100 m of polished ice (can be rough too if needed), 15 x 10 m of dry asphalt and 15 x 290 m with compressed snow. There are turning points for big vehicles at each end.

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Vitberget proving ground

Vitberget proving ground is our facility for the test of vehicles and vehicle components.

To protect our customers' trade secrets the 200- hectare site is fenced and protected from outside view, which also prevents elk and reindeer from entering the tracks. Here are five workshops that are provided with alarms. The workshops are designed for different group sizes and are well equipped with adjoining offices and canteens.

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Your own winter test center

Do you need more than a few weeks testing every year?

We can offer you your own complete winter test facility next to the Arctic Circle in Swedish lapland. We have great experiense in building winter test facilities based on specific customer request. 
Please contact us with your needs. 

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Our availability is your asset.

If you don't find the specific information you want from our web pages you can send an e-mail to We're here to help you regardless of what your question might be. If you have urgent matters, please locate the person you want to contact and give him or her a call.

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