Snow and ice surfaces in controlled climate all year round.

Suits all - something for every need.


The hall is 400 m long, 15 m wide and has an indoor height of 4.5 meters which will allow tests also with heavy trucks.

15 x 100 m of polished ice (can be rough too if needed), 15 x 10 m of dry heated asphalt and 15 x 290 m with compressed snow. There are turning points for big vehicles at each end.

The facility is constructed to be able to adjust the temperature between -3 to -12 degrees’ surface and air temp. There is a ventilation system with air and humidity control.

We offer exclusive use for each customer which means there will only be one customer in the facility at a time. Confidential testing is possible since the garage is connected to the building.

Full service facility
There is an office at your disposal, a kitchen fitted with units and appliances and a workshop with all necessary equipment. As service we provide tyre fitters, studding, running-in and stud protrusion measurement. All you need is possible, just ask and we will try to find a solution.

Combining wet and dry testing
From May to October it is possible to combine indoor and outdoor testing on wet and dry asphalt in cool climate. This enables the customers to carry out more tests during their visit and therewith improve their testing efficiency.

Doing as many tests as possible in the same place and at the same time simplifies things and makes testing more efficient.

Technical specifications
Length: 400 m x 15 m
Height: 4,5 m
Temperature: -3 to -12°C