We provide the service

We offer complete tests or preparation and support for your testing team, as you like



Testing services

Together with partners we offer a wide range of tests, for example objective tests like braking and acceleration tests, subjective handling tests  and noise measurements. Test are done on snow and ice tracks, and wet and dry asphalt. Our standard test procedures meet the tyre industry requirements, but we can also use customer specifications.

Drivers and tyre fitters

We can offer experienced drivers and tyre fitters for passanger cars and heavy vehicles. Our drivers are often used for objective tests, milage collection, sealant tests, run in etc. 

Studding and run in

We can prepare tyres for test with manual studding and run in according to standard procedures. A flexible service perfect for development projects.

Stud protrusion measurements

We offer stud protrusion measurements as part of run in,  tyre wear, stud retention projects etc.

Road wear test for studded tyres

Together with BD Testing we offer roadwear test via the overrun method. The overrun test has been developed to determine road wear caused by studded winter tyres. Specially manufactured stone samples are weighted precisely before and after overrunning, the weight loss describing the road wear in grams.