Indoor One Workshops and Tracks

Indoor ONE includes a fully equipped workshop, with equipment such as a low lifter and tools for tyre shifting and remounting. The workshop is separated from the cooled testing facility by high speed roll-up doors. This helps with efficient transfer to the track, while isolating the cool inside the testing area.

Workshop with low lifter.

Tyre wash to clean before entering the facility.

Kitchen for up to 8 people.

Four office spaces and a conference room for up to 40 people.

Indoor ONE proving ground

Snow and ice surfaces in controlled climate.

Indoor ONE is a straight track totalling 400 meters, mainly built for objective tyre tests. Tests can be performed with vehicles ranging in size from passenger cars to full size trucks.

The track is divided into 290 metres of snow, 10 metres of asphalt and 100 metres of ice. Snow and ice surfaces are separated by asphalt in order to minimise the impact of snow on the ice track. Air and surface temperatures can be adjusted between -3 and -8 degrees Celsius. The ice track is resurfaced with an ice resurfacer to provide the best possible surface, even black ice condition is feasebal. The snow track consists of packed, artificial snow. The air inside the facility can be regulated with respect to humidity, temperature and oxygenation, which creates optimal conditions for repetitive tyre testing.