Indoor Flex Workshops and Tracks

Workshops and tracks for your needs at Indoor Flex Proving Ground. The facility offers a high degree of flexibility and can be adapted to meet specific needs.

Conference facilities for up to 40 people.

View from the office into the facility.

Short waves, concrete blocks.

Small humps, built with snow.

Snow built hill tracks, 0-20 degrees.

Built in potholes/humps, adjustable in height and depth.

Our snow cannons produce three different types of snow.

Indoor FLEX proving ground

The 10 000 m² snow area creates the opportunity to use different track layouts at the same time. Air and track temperature can be adjusted between -3 to -12 degrees. In addition to the cold testing areas, there are cold chambers to cool down vehicles and equipment down to -30 degrees

The layout or dynamic sections, NVH elements, obstacles or special tests can also be adjusted based on customer requests.

The workshop is equipped with two low lifters and tyre changing equipment. Additionally there is a portable one pilar lift.  In connection to the workshop there are seven offices, two kitchens, as well as a conference room for up to 40 people.